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2 Savannah Girls Hit By Truck

2 teenage girls were treated for injuries as they were hit attempting to cross the street to get on a school bus.

Januario A. Maocha was cited with failure to use due care and possession of an open container. Both teens were treated at the hospital and released.

This news presents more questions than answers. Was the at-fault driver intoxicated if so why was he not charged for it?

Did the bus have its lights on an the stop sign out whereby the other drivers would be required to stop under Georgia law. Also, were the two minors who were injured paying attention? All to often we see and hear stories of children taking their time and not paying attention when they should while crossing a roadway. We do not know the circumstances at this time. We hope this news will be updated so we can get some closure on this matter. Regardless, it is prudent to slow your speeds around school busses you never know when a child will dart out.

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