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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – What Can I Do If The Adjuster Is Not Returning My Calls on My Savannah Work Injury Claim?

I recently received a call where an injured worker did not know what to do.  She injured her back and could not work the type of work she was doing prior to her work injury.  Workers’ comp did get her to a doctor.  However the doctor determined after examining her that she needed additional diagnostic tests or an MRI and another test to better help the doctor determine what was wrong with this person’s back.

She left the doctor’s office and was told by the staff someone would contact you in a couple of weeks with information on where she would need to go to complete the MRI.   One week went by and the injured worker reached out to the adjuster.  The adjuster’s phone rolled straight to voice mail.  The injured worker left a voice mail message asking that the adjuster contact her and update her on the status of the MRI.  Another couple of days went by with no contact and the injured worker called again.  Again the call rolled to voice mail whereby she left another message requesting an update on the status of her MRI.  At this point, the injured worker was not receiving benefits or weekly checks, was not allowed to work, and was not being provided medical care, then to top it all off there was no communication on if this matter was being processed or being denied.

Finally sick and tired of no response from the adjuster the injured worker called the adjuster’s supervisor.  The adjuster’s supervisor answered the telephone and then went on to advise the injured worker the adjuster is the best person to speak with and quickly got off the phone stating they could not update the injured worker on the status of their claim.

The long and short of this matter, this injured worker needs to hire and attorney so that the attorney can file a hearing to get the benefits that the injured worker is entitled too under Georgia law.  Do not wait if you need an attorney for your work injury, as these claims take time and the longer you wait to involve a lawyer the longer it may be until you obtain medical care or weekly checks or both.

Ty Wilson is a Savannah workers’ compensation attorney who has written several special reports on the topic of Georgia Workers’ Compensation.  These reports are provided free of charge.  Understand the confusing workers’ compensation system and what you are and are not entitled too.  Call Today in Savannah 912-508-4711 or Atlanta 770-948-5454.

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