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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – Is There a Formula for Determining Worker’s Comp Disability For Georgia?

There is a formula for calculating the permanent partial disability for a Georgia workers’ compensation claim.

You can go to the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation website in the forms section.  Click on the WC-2 and look on the back of this documents and it will explain in great detail how the permanent partial disability calculation is calculated.

Keep in mind in order to complete this calculation you need to know:

  1. Your permanent disability rating issued by either your authorized treating physician or it is also sometimes provided by the physical therapist who performed your functional capacity evaluation;
  2. Your comp rate. An easy way to determine this is to look at your weekly checks, however if you do not receive or have never received any weekly checks from the insurance company, then you will need to calculate you comp rate.  The easy calculation is take the 13 weeks of pay prior to your work injury average that number out and take 2/3rds or 67% of your average weekly wage.  If the number is higher than $525.00 your comp rate will be $525.00 per week as long as you were injured after June of 2013 when the rates changes.  If you were injured prior to that time the capped rate may be lower.
  3. Number of weeks your injured body part is worth.  You get this information from the back of the WC-2, which breaks down every body part an lists the amount of weeks you are entitled to be paid based upon your impairment.

Once you know these three things you can calculate your permanent partial disability amount to the penny.  You take your disability rating multiply it times your comp rate and then multiply by the number of weeks and you will have your permanent partial disability amount.

Often it is easier to explain with an example, so here goes.  For this example we will presume the injured work injured his back or whole body has a 10% permanent impairment rating by his authorized treating physician and was receiving the maximum Georgia comp rate after June of 2013 or $525.00 per week.

The calculation looks like this:  10% X $525.00 X 300 weeks = $15,750.00.

If you have specific questions about a Georgia workers’ compensation claim you are always encouraged to reach out to a Georgia workers’ compensation attorney to obtain specific answers to your specific circumstances.

Be informed. Be aware. Be prepared.

Ty Wilson is a Georgia workers compensation attorney, with offices in Savannah and Atlanta, who provides free information to the injured and the families of the injured. Visit to order his FREE Georgia workers compensation “Special Reports” and to read his many articles and to watch his videos.

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