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Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney – I Was Just Released To Full Duty, Now My Employer Says They Have No Work?

When you have a Georgia workers’ compensation claim, it is typically not a good idea for the employer to terminate you.  The reason for this is if they terminate you and it is because of your work injury you were terminated, they possibly have to pay you weekly benefits under workers’ compensation.However we are seeing where employers are paying the workers’ compensation benefits and pressuring the doctors to release the injured worker to full duty.  When this happens all bets are off.

If you are at full duty the doctor is saying you can work and you can do your former job.  The employer may or may not have a job for you, if not they can decide not to have you come back to the workplace.Without an attorney this is a tough position to be in.  All hope is not lost, you should reach out to a Savannah or Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney immediately, time is of the essence.

Be informed. Be aware. Be prepared.

Ty Wilson is a Georgia workers compensation attorney, with offices in Savannah and Atlanta, who provides free information to the injured and the families of the injured. Visit to order his FREE Georgia workers compensation “Special Reports” and to read his many articles and to watch his videos.

If you have specific questions for a workers compensation attorney in Georgia, give Ty at call 912-508-4711 in Savannah or 770-948-5454 in Atlanta.

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