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Savannah | Atlanta Injury Attorney – What Is The Number One Thing That Can Destroy My Injury Claim?

912-208-2992, Atlanta | Savannah personal injury attorney Ty Wilson discusses the number one thing that can destroy your personal injury claim.  This is for information purposes it is ALWAYS recommended that you speak with a Georgia car wreck attorney for specific answers to your specific claim.

Hello. My name is Ty Wilson. I’m a Georgia workers’ personal injury attorney practicing law in the State of Georgia.

And our video topic for today is:
What is the number one thing that can affect my personal injury claim?
Throughout the years  I have handled many personal injury claims, I have to  say the number one factor that will negatively affect your personal injury claim will be major gaps in your medical treatment.

What that means is… If you get hurt in a car wreck and you don’t seek medical attention quickly, that can affect the value of your claim.  If someone is seriously injured, the insurance company knows.  The injured party is going to find a way even if it’s to the emergency room, to seek out medical treatment.  If they’re seriously hurt, they’re not going to be able to do anything other than try to get treatment.

If it’s a nagging pain, that can sometimes be explained away.  However, if it’s not a serious injury and you attempt to seek medical treatment two weeks after a car wreck, chances are you’re going to have one heck of a fight on your hands.

As the insurance company sees this is that the worse case scenario is trying the case before a jury they’ll be able to say with a straight face to the people in the jury box, “Why did it take them fourteen days to seek treatment if they were really hurt that bad?”  And fact of the matter is, common sense usually rules and the jury will say, “It shouldn’t take someone that long to get medical treatment.”

And so therefore, gaps in treatment would be the single biggest item that can destroy your personal injury claim.  I gave you an example of a gap in treatment from the initial injury until treatment was received.  That’s a big one.  But also gaps between your appointments.

If a doctor says, “I’ll see you back in two weeks,” and you don’t show up for a month and a half—that’s a huge gap in treatment.  That’s also an issue.  You’ve got to follow the medical instructions as well.  If you want to get better, you want to get to the doctor’s appointments regularly and as prescribed by the doctor.

We hope that you’ve found this information helpful.  And we hope that you’ll come check out our other videos. And if have any specific questions, please feel free to give our office a call.  Thank you.

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