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DUI – Driving Under The Influence

Driving Under the Influence Arrest is NOT a Conviction.



In Georgia, a DUI – driving under the influence – conviction can add stress to your life. It can affect your driving privileges, your wallet and your freedom. Typically, a first driving under the influence charge can involve jail time, long probationary period where you are not to be drinking alcohol, your ability to travel, possibly your immigration status and your wallet. DUIs are serious business in Georgia.

If you have already been convicted on a previous DUI, you could face increased jail time, fines and community service. If you have already had a DUI conviction, you could be forced to use an ignition interlock system in your vehicle and have your mug shot photo in the local paper.

Did They Take Your License?


If you have been arrested for driving under the influence, there are deadlines that are so fast if you do not react quickly you will lose your license. If the arresting officer takes your driver’s license, the officer can complete a DDS 1205 form. The arresting officer is supposed to send a copy of this form to the Georgia Department of Driver Services. This notifies the Department of Driver Services that you were arrested for driving under the influence and is the arresting officer’s attempt to suspend your license prior to your court date.

Can This Be Avoided?


Yes, if you file a request for a hearing within ten (10) business days of your arrest. Recently, the State of Georgia has placed a requirement that a $150.00 filing fee must accompany the request for hearing with the Department of Driver Services. Call our office within 10 days of your arrest so we can help you file for your appeal.

Can a DUI Arrest be Overturned?


Each case is very fact specific, from the time the officer initiates the stop to the way you are presenting yourself. The video, if there is one, will help determine what field sobriety tests were administered and how they were administered, if a preliminary breath test was given, and of course the breath test at the station. All of these areas are very technical in nature and it is very important that the tests you took are reviewed by an attorney with experience Field Sobriety Testing.

Will My DUI Be Dropped or Lowered to Another Charge?


Without an attorney, the chances the State of Georgia will reduce the driving under the influence charge or drop the charge on their own is not very likely. Once the charges have been made, it will take a persuasive legal argument to motivate the State of Georgia to change their position. This is why it is so critical to obtain an attorney who will defend you and protect your interest.

We have put together a Free Special Report for anyone who has been arrested for DUI. Call our office today, and we will immediately provide you the information you need to attempt to save your license.

Be informed. Be aware. Be prepared.


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