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Hurt By DUI/Drunk/Impaired Drivers


According to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, 9,967 people were killed in drunk driving/impaired driving wrecks.  In fact drunk/impaired driving accounted for approximately 31% of all driving deaths in 2014.

The CDC also states that 1.1 million people were arrested for arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol in 2014.  The staggering statistic is that only accounts for approximately one percent of the self-reported alcohol impaired among U.S. adults last year.

The facts are clear every time you get behind the wheel you stand an ever increasing chance of being involved in a wreck with a dui/drunk/impaired driver.  The later you drive the more likely the odds increase dramatically.

The choice of an impaired driver getting behind the wheel is one that you as a driver can not control, nor can you control how the impaired driver will drive and the attention they will pay to driving.

DUI/Drunk/Impaired driving causes unnecessary harm and devastation to many families through out the United States.  Often leaving family members wondering why someone would get behind the wheel of a vehicle when they should clearly know they are not capable of making the split second decisions that are required when operating any type of motor vehicle.

Under Georgia law, a driver is determined as a matter of law to be under the influence if their blood alcohol content (BAC) is over .08 grams or more.  However alcohol can dull drivers senses at much lower rates of blood alcohol content.  With senses dulled drivers lose their ability to react to sudden changes and are not able to make quick decisions often required to operate any motor vehicle.

What Can A DUI/Drunk/Impaired Driving Accident Attorney Do To Help You?

DUI/Drunk/Impaired Accident Driving Attorney can quickly lock down evidence and help you or your loved ones make sure that the person who caused the unnecessary injuries and damages are held responsible for their poor choices.  Evidence gets destroyed or is lost quickly after any wreck.  The faster you are able to get someone working on it on your behalf the more likely you will have the evidence you need should you have to fight.

Call Us Now If You Have Been Injured By A DUI/Drunk/Impaired Driver.

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