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Ty changed my future


See for yourself why clients recommend Ty Wilson Law to their friends. We also have their words for you to read.

I was recently in a car accident and had a lot of questions. Mr. Ty Wilson took the time to educate me on the process of dealing with the insurance company and answer all questions I had on the process. I would highly recommend Mr. Wilson if you ever need a lawyer, whether you need representation or have questions. He takes time to explain any processes that you will encounter.Charla W. Conyers, Georgia


To those of you who were like me, in not having a favorable opinion of attorneys or dealing with them. I understand, I was reluctant to higher an attorney in dealing with my worker’s comp case. As some of you may be dealing with an insurance company who seems to put every obstacle they can in the way, delays getting you answers, or becomes like pulling teeth to get an approval. Truly, I understand.After several conversations with Mr. Wilson over a period of time, I decided to higher him. At no time did I feel like I was dealing with a used car salesman. Mr. Wilson took on my case and in my opinion; he went above and beyond in many aspects of my case. I’m not going to explain them in here but I was very impressed with Mr. Wilson in doing this.

Mr. Wilson is truly a very good person who cares about people. I understand he selected this career but I do know he makes many sacrifices to help he’s clients. I am very grateful to have had him as my attorney and if I ever have to use one again (hopefully not) it will be Mr. Wilson. This man will not only work your case, he will explain the legal aspects to you in many ways. Mr. Wilson explained all the situations that arose in my case by breaking down the many outcomes that could be possible. Mr. Wilson always provided more then enough advice for me to make the best possible decision.

I could go on for a while in explaining my interaction with Mr. Wilson but I hope it is at least clear in this description, you will not find a better attorney to have on your side.

Steve M.


Well, it was a very good experience. From day one when I contacted Mr. Wilson’s law firm, they got on it right away. He came to my house even to make sure I understood everything. He worked with me. He told me everything. He called me. He gave me all the information. Then once we were in the settlement phase, then he went over page by page, line by line, to explain everything to me. That was very professional, and I very enjoyed the service.Ruth W.


Ty Wilson is my advisor and my guardian. Ty is more than a lawyer to me he has actually been a friend. When ever I had a problem Ty was there. I had a herniated disk in July 2, 2010 and have been to to the hospital several times. Ty actually called me or was aware I was there every time. I had two back surgeries and was in the hospital for days at a time. Ty called me and wished me well on my sick bed. Ty has called me at 6am because he thought of a facility that could help me with my pain. Those things he did not have to do and I appreciate him for that. Those things came from him having a good heart and being a good guy. I am so thankful for Ty being on my team. Ty has handled a few cases for me he’s been my workers comp lawyer and my personal injury lawyer and when it comes to business Mr. Wilson doesn’t play. Ty is fair, and honest and he is quick in getting your settlement done and over with. Ty knows what he’s doing and will take time with you until you understand the law. Ty has Never been unavailable to me . Ty returns your calls personally not a assistant, or a voice mail. Mr. Wilson gets you the money you deserve! You will know the ends and out of your case the whole way. If you have any doubts Ty will work with you and give you information for you to understand the case yourself. He will be my family lawyer from now until the end because I can trust him.Latisha D.


. . . He was highly recommended . . . I was kept up to date on the progress throughout the whole process in a very timely manner . . . I felt very secure and informed on what to expect for my deposition . . . He’s just a great guy.P. R.


My experience with Ty Wilson that I enjoyed – I’m glad he was my attorney because he was the attorney I had during this whole accident. He was always good at calling you back. When you call him, he always calls right back and even it’s on the weekend – he’s going to call you back. That’s one thing that I like about a lawyer. He’s consistent with you. He’s honest and he’s always there and he’s a very caring lawyer.R. H.


Ty is a caring personal injury lawyer and extremely hard working and effective. When our law office receives client contacts from Atlanta and Georgia, Ty Wilson is our first call.Lee Jurowitz, fellow lawyer


Ty is one of the most down to earth people you will ever meet. Forget about the fact he knows the legal aspects of personal injury law. That’s a given. Ty is someone who is genuine and honest. That is the kind of attorney you want representing you when you have been hurt.Michele Lewane, Workers’ Compensation Lawyer in VA


When I came into the firm and needed direction, attorney Ty Wilson really helped me out. He showed me exactly what I needed to do, and we executed that . . . He was was actually someone who sincerely cared. . . .I can actually say I appreciate everything that attorney Ty Wilson has done for me . . He’s my attorney and also a good friend . . . For anyone out there looking for an attorney, he is the person.S.


My initial introduction to the firm was workers’ compensation and the second one was with a motorcycle accident. In both cases, Ty handled them in a true Southern gentleman’s way. He was very compassionate. He was very thorough, and he took care of me during the entire process. Anytime I had a question, he always had a well thought out answer. There was never any type of complications. I told him to handle it and he handled it.PJ


It has been a year and a couple of months now since I’ve bee with him with my situation. First let me say he is one of the great lawyers. I cannot thank him more than enough for what he’s done for me. He went above and beyond for my case – honest. I can call him any time of day – anytime – morning, noon, or night with a question and he’s there for me. Thank you very much. I appreciate your hard work and I would recommend him for anyone, literally, anyone, looking for an honest lawyer. Thank you once again, Mr. Wilson and I hope to see you in the future again.Ms. L.


I was surprised that Mr. Wilson and his staff were able to get all the information I wanted about my husband’s death.The most important thing to me was the honesty. I knew I could ask questions and talk to Ty. I think they do a wonderful job! I feel they understood my legal issues.

I loved talking to Mr. Wilson, he helped me in so many ways. He made me feel better about my husband’s death.

Audrie King


Thank you for your help in my workers compensation claim. I knew when I was denied unemployment by my employer I would need an attorney, while I tried another office it was your office that listen to me and spoke clearly to me about what to expect and then you were successful in obtaining what we set out to obtain. Thank you very much.E Davenport


My interaction with Ty Wilson was indeed one to remember. Just a little background information, this was my first auto accident and my first interaction wtih a lawyer. Ty Wilson took my case by the bull horn and educated me throughout the entire process. I had no knowledge about this process at all but after our interaction I left very educated about my case. If I had any questions or if there was anything I didn’t quite understand he explaned it to me perfectly with no problem. If I had to pick an attorney for any situation faced, I definitely will look towards Ty Wilson.I have had the privilege of knowing Ty for twenty years. He brings hard work, devotion, loyalty and integrity to everything he involves himself in. Ty is greatly respected and trusted by all who know him. His humble and giving personality consistently has him putting his family, friends and clients first. If you want someone to represent you who truly cares about your circumstances, you have found the right person.

I had the pleasure of working with Ty on a very long drawn out workers comp case spanning from March (approx) to October 2009. For me, his most outstanding quality was being able to explain and communicate all the lawyer jargon in a way I could understand clearly. This is VERY important, I have worked with many a lawyer, civil and criminal, that are so used to dealing with other lawyers that they forget that normal Joes like myself might not understand what they are talking about at first, or that I cannot decipher a thousand spoken words a minute. (Many speak so fast it makes my head spin) Mr. Wilson, on every occasion, explained situations and possible plans of action completely, disclosing all possible outcomes in clear plain English. I would recommend his services in a heartbeat. The only reason I didn’t give him a perfect rating is because I don’t give anyone perfect scores.

– Zach


Amazing, kept me informed of my case… would use him again!!! Thanks Ty!- Hilary-Danielle


L. Ty Wilson is an excellent lawyer to use. Especially for car/ auto accidents. It took me awhile to find a trustworthy lawyer for my case. I chose him as my lawyer, because he definitely seemed like he would get me back my loss, plus some. He wont rip you off at all, like most lawyers do. Also, the team that works for him are very cooperative, responsive and helpful. So, if in need of a lawyer this is the one to choose.- Jamie


This is one of the times that I need a Lawyer and he did not talk down to me. He kept us informed as to what we needed to know and in talking to other lawyers he kept our best interest in mine.He would adverse us when we needed to make a choice as to what the outcome would be and would not let us make a poor decision that would hurt us.This went on no matter what was pushed on to us. He did nothing that would line his own pocket but kept our welfare as the number one objective. There not much more that I could add to the case he helped us with other than When You Need A Friend!!!- Stephen


Having to go through a workers compensation case was a very trying and frustrating experience. I am so pleased that Ty represented me in my case, I feel that with another attorney it could have been a completely different situation. From start to finish he treated me as a friend instead of just another client. I knew he was interested in what was in my best interest in every decision that was made. I’m so thankful for all the hard work that he and his staff rendered on my behalf and would proudly refer his services to family, friends and definately request his services again should I ever need them in the future.- Esther


Mr. Wilson really helped me get through the last year while on workers compensation. He made sure I got everything that was due as far as treatments and compensation. Mr. Wilson was very knowledgeable and was always responsive to any and all questions I may have had. I would certainly recommend Ty to anyone I know.- Willie


Attorney Ty Wilson was a real person with family. He made time for me to just talk even though he is a busy person. I was the most important person at the times I needed.- CWG


It’s hard to find someone that you can trust with your health and finances. Someone that will do whaterver he/seh canto look out for their cleints! To get the very best deal for them without leading them into trouble.

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  • Awesome Lawyer and very helpful!

  • Mr. Wilson is truly a very good person who cares about people. I understand he selected this career but I do know he makes many sacrifices to help he’s clients. I am very grateful to have had him as my attorney and if I ever have to use one again (hopefully not) it will be Mr. Wilson.

  • He worked with me. He told me everything. He called me. He gave me all the information.

  • He will be my family lawyer from now until the end because I can trust him.

  • He's just a great guy.

  • He always calls you right back and even if it's on the weekend - he's going to call you back.

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