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Workers’ Compensation:









  • Can I Sue My Employer (Not WC)?
  • Savannah | Atlanta work injury lawyer Ty Wilson discusses suing your employer not related to workers’ compensation. Call 912-508-4711.


  • What Kind Of Medical Care Can I Get?
  • Savannah | Atlanta work injury lawyer Ty Wilson discusses what type of care you can expect if you are injured on the job and have provided your employer proper notice. Call 912-508-4711.










  • What is a Posted Panel of Physicians?
  • Savannah workers compensation lawyer Ty Wilson discusses what a posted panel of physicians is and why it is important to your Georgia workers compensation claim.






Car Accidents:












  • Savannah | Atlanta Auto Accident Attorney
  • Savannah | Atlanta Car Accident Attorney discusses what medical payments coverage is and how it can help you obtain medical care if you are injured in a car accident is Savannah or Atlanta and are not able to work due to your injuries.


  • Savannah | Atlanta | Car Crash | Auto Accident | Recorded Statement | Insurance
  • Savannah | Atlanta car accident lawyer Ty Wilson discusses recorded statments in general as it relates to a Savannah or Atlanta car accident claim and whether you should provide one to the insurance company or not. In some cases you may be obligated but that depends upon the insurance company. Watch this video and discover the difference.


  • Atlanta | Savannah Car Accident Book
  • Order our FREE book “10 Secrets of Georgia Car Wreck Claims”. There is no obligation. You owe it to yourself and your family to order this book to help you deal with the insurance company. Know what you have to do. Do not take the insurance company’s word for it. Order today.



Motorcycle Accidents:




  • Atlanta Motorcycle Client
  • Atlanta motorcycle attorney Ty Wilson hears from PJ who was injured in an Atlanta motorcycle accident. She explains her experience with Ty Wilson Law.








  • What Is Your Georgia Car Wreck Claim Worth?
  • Savannah car wreck lawyer | Gwinnett injury lawyer Ty Wilson discusses ways to determine what your Georgia car accident claim is worth. Call 1-866-937-5454 for FREE books.



  • What is a Depositioin?
  • Savannah | Atlanta accident attorney What is a deposition? Injury attorney Ty Wilson provides a brief explanation of what a deposition is.



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